martes, 15 de abril de 2008

Una declaración de principios

I can see when you stay low nothing happens, does it feel right?
Late at night things I thought I put behind me haunt my mind
I just know there's no escape now
Once it sets its eyes on you
But I won't run, have to stare it in the eye
Stand my ground, I won't give in
No more denying, I got to face it
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
If I don't make it, someone else will
Stand My Ground
It's all around, getting stronger, coming closer into my world
I can feel that it's time for me to face it, can I take it?
Though this might just be the ending of the life I held so dear
But I won't run, there's no turning back from here
All I know for sure is I'm trying
I will always stand my ground

Within Temptation
Stand my ground
The silent force (2004)

1 comentario:

Alex dijo...

Este grupo, como Evanescense, me ponen loco, pero loco.
Esa mezcla decadente de fragilidad, dulzura, y la dureza del rock són que te cagas!!!!

Sweet kisses!